Social Responsibility

Aware of its direct and positive importance in the economy of the community it’s part of, the company creates and participates of social development projects and, simultaneously stimulates the collaborators so that they can work with charities.

Social Projects

Fishing Project. Developed with other companies in the community, Fishing Project aims at the development of young people ranging from the ages of 16 and 18 so that they are able to have a profession as well as enhance their citizenship principles. Working with socially challenged young people, it provides a carpenter assistant formation.

Making the Difference Program. Volunteering program consisting of  BrasPine collaborators, who participate and come up with social campaigns, such as  the gathering of food, clothes and toys, as well as the support of charity events in  Jaguariaíva, PR.

Back to School Program. This stimulates the collaborators so as to follow through on their studies, thus, seeking the continuous intellectual development of the collaborators.
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