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Escritório Comercial

Rua Félix da Cunha, 1009 – 8º andar

CEP: 90570-001

Porto Alegre – RS


Telefone: + 55 51 3252-7700

BrasPine Madeiras

Rodovia PR 151 Km 207, 5 – Distrito Industrial CEP: 84200-000

Jaguariaíva – PR


Telefone: + 55 43 3535 8300


Braslumber Indústria de Molduras

Rodovia do Papel, 160 – Distrito Industrial – CEP: 84269-090

Telêmaco Borba – PR


Telefone: + 55 42 3271-3000

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I accept that the above data, provided by me, will be used by BrasPine & Braslumber for contact purposes and, mainly, to respond to the request made by me in the field above, in accordance with art. 7, I of the LGPD. I am aware that this consent can be revoked at any time, being necessary to contact us through the channels and/or e-mail and /or by calling (43) 3500, ext. 8510 (Internal Controls Sector).

Ethics Channel

The Ethics Channel is a confidential tool for employees and stakeholders to inform or seek support on ethical and behavioral issues related to possible violations of the Code of Ethics and policies of BrasPine & Braslumber and/or laws and regulations.

How do I file a report?

Telephone Number: +55 0800 721 9565


Correspondence: P.O. Box: 19157. ZIP code 04505-970 – São Paulo / SP

E- mail:

100% confidential
All complaints made through this channel will be analyzed and classified by an independent company, hired specially for this purpose, which will send the complaints to the Ethics Committee in a confidential way. Because the complaint is carried out in a confidential manner, it is not possible to provide a return on the final result of the investigation, however, through its protocol you can follow the progress of the process and, if necessary, interact with the company providing the service, maintaining anonymity.