Pellets Unit

BrasPine & Braslumber, the largest producer of pine moldings in Brazil, begins the production of wood pellets.

Our pellets will be produced from the by-products generated in the production process, guaranteeing the quality and availability of material for production. 

Our own pellet brand is Pyromax, which comes from the Greek pyro (fire) + max (maximum), bearing in its name the concept of energy efficiency.


Renewable biofuel, which can replace fossil fuels such as LPG and diesel, made from sawdust and wood chips.

Extremely dense and with a low humidity index, which favors being consumed or burned with high efficiency, generating much less pollution than firewood, for example, since they do not produce smoke or smell.


Calorific power

5,1 kWh/kg


700 kg/m3

Ash content


Moisture content


Mechanical durability





5 to 50 kg bags (10 to 100 lb)

Big bags


* Data based on laboratory analysis of test batch produced with material from BrasPine & Braslumber at the pilot plant of the press manufacturer.


Clean fuel, carbon neutral, since all the CO2 released during the burning was removed from the atmosphere in the growth of the tree.

Sustainable sources of renewable energy with easy storage, available in all seasons.

The raw material is obtained from the reforestation pine sawdust, which comes from wood processing.

Environmentally friendly alternative, which allows the replacement of non-renewable and highly polluting sources such as LPG and oil.

Better cost-benefit in relation to firewood and lower energy cost than gas and electric energy.

Greater energy efficiency through automatic burners, in addition to dispensing labor in the boiler feed.


Fully automated factory

European vendor machines with proven pellet experience

Approximate capacity of 80,000 tons / year


Biofuel for residential fireplaces, boilers, farm heating, bakery ovens, swimming pools, etc.

Pellets can also be used for animal hygiene, replacing cat litter, for example.

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