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Why choose BrasPine & Braslumber?

Because we are the largest and best framing industry in the world and we are driven by a simple goal: to do everything with quality! Quality in our products, in collaborating for the professional growth of the employees, in respecting the environment and in valuing the health of each of our professionals.

We encourage the growth of our employees through continuous development and a solid career plan, offering opportunity for those on our side. At BrasPine & Braslumber your personal growth is paramount because we understand that a valued employee can fulfill their role even more within the Company.

We have a Remuneration & Benefits policy that rewards and empowers employees that are aligned with our organizational goals and achieves their sectoral goals (Profits and Results Sharing).

In addition, essential benefits for the employees and their families to feel protected are offered, such as: health insurance, dental insurance and leisure clubs, on-site meals, life insurance, transportation vouchers, events and gifts exclusive for employees and family, among others.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact BrasPine & Braslumber Recruitment & Selection.

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