Social Responsability

BrasPine & Braslumber understand that they can make a difference in people’s lives. Therefore, besides generating jobs and income for the communities in which they are located, the Companies adopt a policy of social development and encourage employees to work in volunteering.

Pescar BL
Pescar BP
Pescar Project

The Pescar Project aims to prepare young people in situation of social vulnerability to carry out a professional activity. The 11-month course teaches not only technical issues, but also personal development and citizenship issues. BrasPine & Braslumber are the maintainers of two project sites (in Jaguariaíva and Telêmaco Borba).

Food on the Table

Always encouraging employees to participate in social projects, employees collect hundreds of kilos of food every month to distribute among institutions in need of the municipalities in which the Companies are located. For every kilogram of food donated by employees, the Company donates another one, the so-called “double”.

Winter Clothing Campaign

A campaign promoted by various segments of society worldwide, BrasPine & Braslumber, together with its employees, also show solidarity with the cause and collect thousands of pieces of clothing every year to supply underprivileged institutions.

Environmental Responsibility

BrasPine & Braslumber are fully aware of the importance of their raw material in the Environment. For this reason, all pine wood used in the production process originates from reforestation areas certified with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) seal or other controlled sources, which guarantees chain of custody certification in their final products.

We also have ISO 14001 certification, which certifies that we identify, prioritize and manage our environmental risks as part of our usual practices. In addition, we adopt policies to preserve the environment and reduce impacts on nature, including:

Rational use of natural resources

Nature preservation

Control of emissions of polluting gases

Constant training for employees on selective collection, treatment and waste of water, energy consumption, among others.